We are an ambitious company with more than 27 years of experience and an honest devotion to the industry. PGS NOVA (Formerly Progamesys) was founded in 2006, with the principal aim to develop top-grade, high-performance electronic table games for the casino industry that delivers a unique gaming experience and the excitement of the live gaming tables. The more than 130 locations we supplied over the last few years are the best reference, we are on the right track to accomplish that.

We understand the accelerated life around us and all the hardship and difficulties arising from human recourse problems. With all our experience we are constantly developing our carefully designed product range according to and we create our products with the most user-friendly interface, to eliminate unnecessary difficulties.

We are a very flexible company, and we are ready to adjust our products to local standards and legislation, and we are ready to adjust to all market requirements.

We believe, less is sometimes more! We focus on performance, reliability, and security through a gaming experience identical to live gaming tables. A simple, fair, user-friendly, enjoyable game experience for the player, will deliver the most for the operator.  Ergonomie and the highest level of comfort secure the longer playing sessions. All our products are assuring the pure enjoyment of the live gaming tables but through a much faster and more secure gaming experience.